Finance Minister launches GIFMIS, CAGD websites

Mr Seth Terpker - Finance Minister
Mr Seth Terpker – Finance Minister

Finance Minister Mr Seth Terpker on Tuesday launched separate websites for the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) and the Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) to enhance communication and information flow among stakeholders.

He said the CAGD and GIFMIS websites had been designed to provide comprehensive information on timely basis on how public funds were being managed.

He said that the two websites had major links to other major websites such as the Ministry of Finance, and that of other donor partners, aimed at providing easy access to information by stakeholders.

“The website of the CAGD, is meant to link to the websites of other institutions to establish a close working relation with them whilst, which is the website of GIFMIS aims at informing and engaging the public about the project. The website also serves as a link to both national and international institutions,” he added

Mr Terkper said the website initiative marked another significant milestone in government’s Public Financial Management (PFM) effort.

He said earlier efforts by government to address major challenges in PFM could not yield much result because they were implemented in an uncoordinated way.

Mr Terkper said the PFM’s include Public Investment Program (PIP) to deal with issues affecting capital budget, Civil Service Reform Program (CSRM) to promote efficiency in the public service, the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Project (IPPD) to ensure efficient management of wages, among others.

“As a result of government’s inability to achieve its overall objectives of transforming the PFM because of how it was implemented, it therefore initiated the Public Financial Management Reforms Program (PUFMARP), which is a comprehensive program to help achieve financial accountability in public financial management,” he added

He said GIFMIS is a component of the PUFMARP and aims at improving the fiscal discipline and macro-economic stability.

Source: GNA

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