Moral training key to nation’s development – Maulvi

market1Alhaji Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Yawson, Acting Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, said moral training and civic education were important components for national development.

He said they helped the youth to become patriotic, respectful, abide by the rule of law, uphold human dignity and traditional values and preserve national assets.

He said this on Saturday at the Greater Accra Regional Conference of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Accra under the theme: “The importance of Moral Training”.

Alhaji Yawson said the theme was timely because in few days to come Muslims all over the World would embark on a month fast to prepare themselves physically, mentally, morally and spiritual.

Alhaji Yawson urged parents to instill moral training in their wards and to continue to teach them the righteous way they should go.

He said constant practice, perseverance and guidance, especially for the youth, produced perfection.

He also admonished parents to respect their children and encourage them morally instead of hurling insults at them.

Alhaji Yawson noted that the delinquent behavior among the youth stemmed from the omission of certain actions by some parents such as over pampering where the child always wanted to be cared for.

He urged all and sundry to be steadfast and prayerful as the month of Ramadan approaches, adding that Muslims must live a holy life for others to emulate.

Mr Ahmed Nasir Bonso, Regional President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization, said it behooved on every Muslim to believe in the works of Allah, adding that disobedience would lead to the wrath of the creator.

Mr Bonso said the standard of morality in the country had fallen due to social vices like fornication, adultery, dishonesty, corruption and armed robbery and urged Muslims to instill the fear of Allah in themselves.

He said natural disasters across the world were a wakeup call for all to change from their bad deeds and follow the teachings of Allah for success.

Alhaji Alhassan Ghansah, Greater Accra Regional President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, said moral education provided children with a sense of politeness and lawfulness.

He said people with a solid internal sense of right and wrong were less easily coerced by others, especially in school where peer pressure could be intense.

Alhaji Ghansah urged parents to exhibit true love, understanding and tolerance towards one another to live in peace and harmony and follow the virtues of Prophet Mohammed.

Source: GNA

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