NGO criticizes Ghana’s hybrid system of governance

Independence squareAlhaji Alhasan Abdulai, Executive Director of  Eanfoworld for Sustainable Development, a non-governmental organisation, has spoke against the country’s combination of presidential and parliamentary system of governance.

He said the combination of the Westminster and American Presidential Governance system has concentrated power in the hands of the Executive, thus burdening it with an overload of responsibility and encouraging the “winner takes all” syndrome.

Alhaji Abdulai, who made the criticism in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said the system could considerably weaken the oversight responsibility of the Legislature and the Judiciary, because the Presidency has the power to appoint majority of ministers from Parliament.

He said governance under the current dispensation is so centralised that all bills sent to parliament have to emanate from the presidency.

Alhaji Abdulai has therefore suggested the adoption of the parliamentary governance system, where a prime minister chosen from the majority political party in parliament or parties in coalition will provide leadership to the nation.

He argued that the powers of such a leader should be shared with a ceremonial president.

Source: GNA

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