Tamale Archbishop warns of negative cultural influence in Ghana

CrowdThe Most Reverend Philip Naameh, Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale has spoken against the negative by products of modernity such as homosexuality and lesbianism, which he said defies traditional values.

He said the phenomenon, which had been termed as global ethics seemed to be militating against Christianity and the belief in God, positing the pleasure of the individual as the highest good.

The Metropolitan Archbishop was speaking at the 9th Biennial Grand Convention of the Knight of Saint John International of the Tamale Grand Commandery and Ladies Auxiliary (KSJI) at Nyankpala in the Northern Region, at the weekend.

He said such practices are being ushered in by the postmodern culture, which accounts for the breakdown of family life.

The three-day convention, which is on the theme: “A sower went out to sow seed,” served as a platform for members to take stalk of their activities and strategise for the future.

Archbishop Naameh described global ethics as “a bad soil”.

He said in the three decades preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall post modernity gave rise to a new ethic, which the United Nations intergovernmental conferences succeeded to have acknowledged as the Global Ethic.

The Metropolitan Archbishop said post modernity in its positive and negative connotation defines clear definitions or categorisation and had encouraged the abandonment of moral values and fidelity to other permanent commitments.

The phenomena he said is promoting the pleasure of the individual, and the need for one to live in a non repressive environment.

Archbishop Naameh said the UN intergovernmental Conference and partner NGOs started in the l960s, to build consensus to accept and internationalise revolutionary values through the organisation of conferences.

He said the global governance is now in its implementation phase and nations are expected to achieve these targets called Millennium Development Goals by 2015 without Judeo-Christian traditions.

Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini, Deputy  Regional Minister said Christians and Muslims have relaxed their evangelisation efforts to spread the word of God and urged them to use the pulpit to instil good morals in the youth.

“How can two men or two women marry and expect to give birth. If people are now advocating society to accept same sex marriages and accept their association then armed robbers can also form an association and also advocate …society to accept them,” he said.

Alhaji Fuseini commended the Catholic Church for its contribution to the nation in the area of infrastructural development, health and education.

Brigadier General Richard Nayasama, Worthy Grand President of Tamale Grand Commandery said the KSJI branch number 392, which started 50 years ago at the Our Lady of Annunciation Cathedral Tamale Episcopal Province with 22 people now have a membership of more than 2000.

Source: GNA

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