Philips says to boost economic fortunes in Ghanaian rural areas with solar

JJ van Dongen - CEO of Philips Africa announcing the CLC concept
JJ van Dongen – CEO of Philips Africa announcing the CLC concept

At least 26 communities spread across Ghana will benefit from a new solar-powered light-emitting diode (LED) lighting concept initiated by global electronic firm, Philips in partnership with the Netherlands Football Association (KNVB).

At the Accra stop of Philips’ pan-African Cape Town to Cairo Roadshow, CEO of Philips Africa, JJ van Dongen, announced today, July 2, 2013, that the company will be installing a total of 26 of what it calls Community Light Centres (CLC) at locations across the country.

Philips explains that the project is to use solar LED lighting to improve the socio-economic developments in selected communities in Ghana.

“These are areas of approximately 1000 square metres or the size of a small football pitch,” it added.

The concept of the CLCs, according to Philips, is to create areas of light for rural communities which live without electricity, thus effectively ‘extending the day and extending play’ creating numerous opportunities for social, sporting and economic activities in the evening.

Officials of Philips say the first CLC will be opened at the Islamic Training Institute in Accra.

“Africa is starting a new reliable solar powered LED lighting revolution which will save energy as well as provide lights for those without electricity,” says Andre Dehmel, General Manager of Philips Lighting Africa.

Philips is currently installing more than a hundred CLCs across Africa, according to a press kit issued to journalists.

Philips indicated that the next stop of its roadshow is Lagos. Officials will be in the Nigerian city on July 4, 2013.

By Ekow Quandzie

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