Prices of goods soar at Makola market

kaneshie_marketTraders at the Makola Number One Market in Accra, have expressed their frustrations at daily persistent soaring up of prices of food items and other commodities .

Madam Ama Adubea, a cassava and plantain seller at the market, told GNA during  a market survey on Friday that in December last year, a medium-sized basket of cassava was retailed at GH¢100 but the price currently was GH¢110.

GNA also checked the prices for other commodities and found out that four tubers of big cassava cost GH¢5 while four of smaller ones were sold for GH¢4.

Three big fingers of plantain cost GH¢5 while 7 fingers was sold at GH¢10 and the smaller ones was sold at GH¢2 for five fingers GH¢5 for eight fingers.

For cereals, a bag of 5kg perfumed rice was being sold between GH¢16 and GH¢20, depending on the brand, a 10kg bag of rice was being sold for GH¢40 while 20kg bag of rice, was being sold between GH¢80 and GH¢110.

An olonka of gari cost between GH¢4.50 and GH¢5 while margarine tin of the commodity cost GH¢1.

A margarine tin of beans cost between GH¢1.50 and GH¢2 and an ‘olonka’ for GH¢9.

Wheat is being sold at GH¢2 for a margarine tin and GH¢12 for Olonka.

Pepper is sold according to the preferred color and the red-colour type was being sold at GH¢5 per bucket full, green type was for GH¢12 per bucket full and the yellow pepper between  GH¢18 and GH¢20 for the same quantity.

A box of tomatoes was being sold at GH¢450 and it was being retailed at between GH¢12 and GH¢20, depending on the size of the bucket and four medium-sized tomatoes for GH¢2.

Fish was also affected by the price hike as 4 small herrings was being sold at GH¢2, a Salmon (fish) was being sold between GH¢2 and GH¢6, depending on the size.

Source: GNA

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