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GhIPSS, banks to integrate internet portals

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internet-2Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) is in talks with banks to integrate their internet portals to the Clearing House Gateway to ensure smooth interbank transfer.

Currently, although many banks offer internet banking services, they have to device other means to handle the interbank transfers, causing delays.

But with the new proposal, the transaction would be faster.

Mr Archie Hesse, the Chief Executive Officer of GhIPSS, said GhIPSS is seeking to explore the various opportunities that the national electronic payment infrastructure provides in order to modernize payments in the country.

He explained that when the banks integrate their internet portal to the clearing gateway, more customers are likely to resort to internet banking, which could reduce the number of people visiting banking halls, easing pressure on bank staff.

This could also lead to a drop in cash transactions, as bank customers will be able to effect payment from their computer and mobile phones with internet access.

“The move will give meaning to branchless banking and will bring a lot of convenience to bank customers who will no longer need to be physically present at a banking hall in order to transfer money,” Mr Hesse said.

Mr Hesse said if bank customers are supported to access as many services as possible through the internet, banking halls will be decongested while more funds will stay within the banking sector and increase the bank’s liquidity.

Source: GNA

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  1. This excellent idea and to achieve cashless society this is the best way to go. Ask the Japanese who better known for this technology for many years before Europe, and North America tought about it