Drilling starts offshore Accra to find oil

oilThe search for oil in the capital is on as UK explorer, Ophir Energy announces the commencement of drilling at the Starfish-1 well offshore Accra, Ghana.

Ophir, which operates offshore Accra, says June 19, 2013 that the Starfish-1 well is its first well in Ghana and will be drilled by the Stena DrillMax drillship.

The Starfish-1 well is located in water depths of 1,500m and has a target depth of 3,850m.

“The well kicks off an acceleration of Ophir’s drilling operations into a broader gas and oil exploration programme,” Nick Cooper, Ophir’s CEO said in a statement.

The well is expected to require approximately 40-days to complete, said Ophir who has 20% equity position in Offshore Accra.

By Ekow Quandzie

  1. kerry says

    This acreage will be the biggest find in the world since Brazil find and also will be one of the hydrocarbon province in the world. Ghana leaders should have better plans in place for local content else it will like what is happening in Brazil now. Money to your people is the solution but sustainability of continual work for generation after general.

  2. Enter your name... says

    Ghana parliament should pass the local content bill .so that the citizen can benefit enough from the oil fine.

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