Anas video on Nsawam prison to shock nation, world

AnasUndercover journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas will soon release a video on Ghana’s Nsawam prisons that would shock the nation and the world.

The video which Anas previewed for the first time at TED2013 in Long Beach, California, USA contains footage of inmates queuing to use what they describe as a ‘proper’ toilet. The proper toilet is a manhole in the middle of the prison yard around which four men are squatting, back to back, according to a blog on the TED2013.

The blog also indicated that the “footage, also contains a harrowing shot of a room within the prison piled high with dead bodies.”

At the TED2013, Anas spoke about how he got into prison through the criminal justice system by being sent to court and charged for a crime and eventually jailed.

He also spoke about how he followed his friend in prison who fell ill till he died through a harrowing experience.

Anas also spoke about and showed footage of the squalid conditions, the poor quality of food in the prison.

There is also drug running, he said. “It is easier for you to get cocaine and heroin in the prison than it is outside it.”

According to Anas, prison officials always deny that these things including sodomy happen in the prisons, but he is about to provide ‘hard core evidence’ as proof.

Speaking to on the phone, Anas said, “I am not in hurry to release this video yet. We are in the process of constructing a toilet for the prison, and for me that is more important.”

The Nsawam Male Prison used to be the largest Prison institution in Ghana and probably also in the whole of West Africa, before the commissioning of the Ankaful Maximum Security Prisons in the year 2011, the Ghana Prison Service says on its website.

The Prison which was finally completed in 1961 with rated capacity of 851 prisoners and an average of 20 prisoners per cell, was immediately filled beyond its capacity and by 1962 it held a daily average (lock-up) of 1673 prisoners, it adds.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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