Ghana tells China crackdown on illegal miners conducted in humane manner

galamseyVice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur on Friday said the crackdown against illegal small-scale mining is being conducted as humanely as possible to maintain the dignity of the people and the environment.

He said despite the high cost, Government would stick to the effective management of the environment and the nation’s mineral resources to the benefit of present and future generations.

He said the exploitation of Ghana’s minerals is the preserve of Ghanaians, and the laws would deal with anyone who contravenes the rule.

The Vice President said the crackdown against illegal small scale mining was not targeted at Chinese nationals, nor any group of foreign nationals, but anyone who contravenes Ghana’s mining laws.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur made the point clear when a Chinese delegation, led by Mr Quid Guerin, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, called on him.

Demonstrations have taken place in some provinces of China over the arrests.

Heavy equipment, are dotted in water courses, and deep trenches have been dug for the illegal activity, even as the Inter- Ministerial Committee Task Force set up by President John Mahama is  at work.

“All you see in the 40 minute footage is destruction of water, the forests cover and other natural resources , not to mention the vast destruction in the Eastern and other regions,” Vice President Amissah Arthur said.

Source: GNA

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    Although we need meastres to curtail the galamsey but we should be careful of how we are dealing with the Chinese as a developing country.the Chinese by many means are helping us and besides they are now the world leading country in economy,technology and among others.Lets deal with them on peaceful grounds.

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