Racism is unacceptable – Kofi Annan

Mr Kofi Annan
Mr Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, paid a visit to the Home of FIFA in Zurich last week and met with FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter.

Afterwards, the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize winner gave an exclusive interview to FIFA.com and spoke about his foundation, which works to make the world a fairer and more secure place, and the positive impact football can have in the world.

“Both FIFA and our foundation are based on the concepts of collaboration and interactivity,” said Annan during the course of the interview. “We believe in global development and peace. There are some wonderful things that can be achieved thanks to football. It has the power to bring people together, even in countries blighted by conflict, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine. It is a wonderful tool.”

The Ghanaian diplomat also congratulated President Blatter on his fight against racism and discrimination and said that prejudice had no place on a football pitch or in the rest of society. Annan also hailed Lydia Nsekera’s election to the FIFA Executive Committee and explained why football must pay close attention to Africa in the years to come.

Source: FIFA.com

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