ISSER to research into women’s failure in running business in Africa

market-womanIn effort to improve the chances of women succeeding in business in Africa, the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) has launched a research to that effect.

The research, which is being sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), an international NGO, would also be replicated in countries such as Kenya in East Africa and Mozambique in Southern Africa.

Dubbed: “Gender and Enterprise Development in Africa,” the project would be completed in two years after, which it would be handed over to international organisations, with a stake in the socio-economic development of Africa.

Dr Charles Ackah, Project Leader, said the research would investigate the effects of capital on businesses, registration processes of businesses, and most importantly the reason for failure of most women at establishing successful businesses.

“We would also find out exactly how governments in Africa could help with practical solutions to improve the chances of women in businesses,” he said.

He said the research had been necessitated by the fact that women form a huge chunk of the population of many sub Saharan African countries, hence the need to come out with measures to enable them excel at what they do.

Dr Ackah said in Ghana, the private sector absorbs about 70 per cent of the total work force.

He said due to limited jobs on the markets, many graduates had taken the initiative of setting up their own companies, hence the need for appropriate policies to enable them succeed.

He said copies of the findings and recommendations of the research would be made available to the Ministry of Trade and Industries, Ministry Finance and Economic Planning, the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology to assist in the formulation of gender based policies.

“We hope to come out with a scientific research that would help boost the chances of women in Africa, succeeding in businesses without impediments,” he added.

Mr Efo Kusi, Head, Department of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Project, Ministry of Trade and Industries, lauded IDRC and ISSER for the initiative as findings of the research would serve as the blueprint for improving on the fortunes of women in businesses in Africa.

He pledged Government’s readiness to create opportunities for all to succeed in business and called for the exchange of ideas between stakeholders to help make self-employment attractive to all, especially women.

Source: GNA

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