NCCE calls on Ghanaians to strengthen democratic pillars

VotersThe National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) on Wednesday stated that Ghana needs the contribution of every citizen to strengthen the tenets of democratic governance.

The NCCE said: “It doesn’t matter the age, size or sex of a citizen – we are all involved in building our motherland”.

The NCCE in a civic report for citizenship day celebrations entitled: “Everyone Counts,” which was made available to the Ghana News Agency, said.

It said for the nation to develop politically, economically, socially, scientifically, and build an industrious country, it is important that every citizen (including children) perform their duties.

The report said people in government, parents, teachers and other workers were doing their part to make children enjoy good education, hence the need for children to do their part.

It said the NCCE intends to use the platform created as part of the Constitution Week celebration to inculcate in children the need to fulfill their duties by doing some work at home, going to school always, keeping surroundings clean and respecting authority and rules.

The NCCE through its mentorship and role model concept is also creating a platform for engagement with children to advise their colleagues to desist from bad habits such as stealing and destruction of properties.

The report said school children were expected to study very hard and behave well so that they would become great women and men in the future, and do many good things for Ghana.

Citizenship Day was introduced into the activities of the Commission in 2012 and it targets students in basic schools across the country as part of the rebranding being undertaken by the Commission.

Source: GNA

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  1. kwadwo says

    Really Ghana politics is a joke .I’m saying this because as soon as our leaders get in to office they forget about the people n focus on them self . Expecaily the the low makers they never brught up any serious debate like our high school system beacuse is going to be a time most ghanians can’t sent their kids to school . Beacuse borden has been so expensive we get have conversation about day system beacuse almost all African countries are doing that even in America all govement schools are day is a very +serious++that+we+and+need+to+address+

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