Wa Municipal NCCE holds citizenship day celebration in schools

market1The Wa Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has held this year’s Citizenship day celebration in some selected schools in the Municipality.

The day is celebrated as part of the constitution week commemoration to inculcate the spirit of quality citizenship into pupils and also to remind them of the sweat and toil of their fore fathers to build the nation.

To mark the day, volunteers from the Academia, business groups, professionals and women groups usually visit basic schools in the country to interact with the pupils on national issues with the help of NCCE.

This year’s celebration was on the theme: “Advancing together, “with the sub theme: “Everyone counts.”

Mr Sumani Abdul- Kasim, the Municipal Director of NCCE and his staff, with two resource persons visited T.I Ahmadiyya Junior High School and St Paul Methodist Primary School in the Wa Municipality.

He explained that the day was to remind Ghanaians about their great achievements since they voted in a referendum on April 28, 1992 to usher constitutional democracy as the best form of governance.

Mr Abdul- Kasim stated that the formative period in any person’s life is crucial to character formation especially school children and sensitising them would help them grow to become good citizens and responsible adults.

“It is the Commission’s aim to groom the children right from primary school to inculcate in them their responsibilities and hope to have better citizens to take up their responsibilities seriously in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Mr James Asunag, Tutor at St Francis Xavier Junior Seminary in Wa, a Resource Person noted that Ghana’s democracy would flourish if the citizens are well informed about their rights and responsibilities to enable them participate in decision making.

He noted that most citizens are quick to demand their rights but reject their responsibilities, adding that “rights go with responsibilities”.

Mr Asunag said every citizen’s contribution to national development is crucial and therefore one’s background, sex, age or status in the society should not discourage him or her from contributing to national progress.

Source: GNA

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