Four killed in Ghana rainstorm

FloodingAnother severe rain storm hit Ghana’s Yendi Municipality last Friday killing four people and destroying several properties and structures.

With intermittent thunder and lightening the rain started at 8.15pm leading to the destruction of educational structures and individual houses.

The deceased include Issah Parti, 50, and his step son, Yakubu Amadu, 40, and his wife Adisah Yakubu, 35, who lived at Gundogu near Yendi.

The other deceased Abukari Sumani of Kpaachi Yili, near Yendi, was also struck by lightning and killed instantly.

Amadu Parti said the rain started around 8:15 pm with thunder and lightning which struck the rooms of Yakubu Amadu, his wife and his brother Issah Parti killing them instantly.

He said the second wife of Yakubu, Fati Yakubu, 40, was also hit by the lightning in a different room but she did not die.

Amadu said the deceased and his wife who left behind five boys and four girls including three others of his second wife, have all been buried at Gundogu

The destruction of educational infrastructure by the rainstorm in the Municipality has created concerns for the Ghana Education Service and Yendi Municipal Assembly.

Mr Kofi Bigah, the Yendi National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Coordinator, has also complained of the absence of roofing and other building materials to help them quickly rehabilitate the destroyed structures.

He said some of the schools destroyed by the storm last Friday include Abatey JHS, SDA JHS, part of SDA KG, Balogu Primary, Balogu JHS among others.

In another development, Madam Abu Safura, a housewife, lost her life on Sunday, 26 May after she was electrocuted by an electrical cable which had fallen on their drying line in the house.

The brother of the deceased, Afa  Abukari  Rufai  Polo said her late sister finished bathing and when she came out of the bathroom she unknowingly raised the drying line to make way and was instantly electrocuted.

He said the body has since being buried in Yendi.

Source: GNA

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  1. Bajan says

    My condolences to all the families of these people. It is very sad to read this.

    Nuff Respect,

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