Gov’t pharmacists vow to continue strike action

drugsPharmacists in government hospitals have insisted that they would continue with their strike action until they are placed on the appropriate salary levels.

Their association, GHOSPA, insists that government and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) should be held responsible for any consequences emanating from the prolonged withdrawal of services.

It rejected the decision by the government to set up a committee to look into the impasse between them and the FWSC, arguing that the National Labour Commission (NLC) had already ruled on the matter and issued directives.

Mr Patrick Oppong Kumi, Spokesperson for the Regional Groups of GHOSPA said at a press conference in Kumasi, on Tuesday, that they expect the parties to abide by the NLC award and not the setting up of a committee.

He said they have serious doubts about the new committee inaugurated by the Minister of Health on May 2013.

“It is not a Cabinet Sub-Committee as earlier proposed by the Minister and the Chief of Staff. We do not know its statutory mandate and the legal effect of any outcome of its deliberations. Its outcome could be deemed a political interference and could undermine the very institutions of state we want to see function independently and objectively”, he stated.

Mr Kumi asked that institutions of state must be allowed to function to promote the building of a prosperous, fair and just society, saying, it was in that spirit that they accepted the final ruling and directives of the NLC.

“We are on strike because of impunity on the part of FWSC. We are on strike because we demand justice, we demand fairness, we demand that the orders of NLC, after a painful two year process, to be respected and complied with, otherwise, we, remain steadfast and prepared for anything.”

Mr Kumi said they are aware of the huge revenue losses being incurred by the facilities and attempts by managers to get their pharmacies working.

He said it is important for the managers to let the whole world know the impact of the absence of pharmacists instead of resorting to “behind the scene approaches”.

He warned that the association would fiercely resist any attempt to sabotage the welfare of the pharmacist and the subtle threats to any of its members.

Source: GNA

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