Election of MMDCEs will reduce winner takes all attitude – Osafo Marfo

Mr. Yaw Osafo-Marfo
Mr. Yaw Osafo-Marfo

Mr Yaw Osafo Marfo, former Minister of Finance, has urged government to pave way for the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s) by people at the grass root level.

He said the election of MMDCEs would help reduce the winner takes all attitude that has characterised Ghana’s political system and deepen grass root democracy.

Mr Osafo Marfo said this on Thursday at the 2013 B.J. da Rocha memorial lectures on the theme: “B.J. da Rocha, the Politician.”

He said, after adopting constitutional rule in 1992, Ghana has come of age to find an antidote to the winner takes all attitude which cripples progress.

“One of the best ways to find an antidote to the winner takes all attitude is to give power to the people at the grass root level to elect their MMDCEs where the contesting candidates are from different political parties,” he said.

Mr Osafo Marfo said, if political parties are allowed to present their candidates to contest, the victory of any candidate would heavily depend on the popularity of his/her party in the area and that would allow members of other parties other than the ruling party to also contribute in the administration of the country.

He disagrees with the assertion that, if elected, those who do not belong to the ruling party would sabotage the government.

He said they would rather do a good job since they may have to go back to the people to seek their votes.

Mr Osafo Marfo said there is much suspicion in the political landscape and it is creating barrier for integration.

“I was recently invited by the Harvard University to share my experience to some 20 Finance Ministers from Africa but unfortunately, I cannot do same with the Finance Minister in my own country because of the suspicion that has characterised our politics,” he said.

He said the essence of multi party democracy is to give dividends but not to perpetuate political rivalry and called for an institutional arrangement to build a reinforcing political culture.

Dr Osafo Marfo revealed that B.J da Rocha, a Lawyer and former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party contributed immensely to Ghana’s democracy as he ensured that there were electoral reforms especially after the 1992 and 1996 general election.

Mr P.V. Obeng, Presidential Advisor described B.J. da Rocha as a real politician and unifier who was an oasis of peace.

He said B.J. da Rocha defied typical character of party politics and ensured that Ghana’s progress was always above his parochial interest.

“He fought for the introduction of constitutional rule in the era of military government and also fought for the freedom of the media,” he said.

He therefore commended Mountcrest University College for honouring the legacy of B.J. da Rocha, adding that he should be immortalised.

Source: GNA

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