Tsatsu seeks to cross-examine petitioners’ witnesses

Tsatsu Tsikata - Member, NDC legal team
Tsatsu Tsikata – Member, NDC legal team

Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, Counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Monday filed an application at the Supreme Court seeking to cross examine some witnesses of the petitioners whose testimonies have come by affidavits.

The witnesses have alleged in the petitioners’ affidavits that the Electoral Commission (EC) annulled some of the polling stations’ results in their constituencies where there were over-voting.

Some of the witnesses are Ms Freda Prempeh, Member of Parliament for Tano South, Nii Armah, Member of Parliament for Berekum East and the Presiding officer for Savlugu-Nanton.

The Supreme Court as part of its directive ordered the parties in the election petition case to come by affidavits testimony in order to facilitate a speedy trial.

The Court, however, indicated it would grant a special dispensation to key witnesses to appear in person and if necessary grant an application for other witnesses who have sworn affidavits to appear in person.

Mr Tsikata, therefore, applied to cross examine some of the witnesses of the petitioners, who had sworn the affidavits.

Ms Gloria Akuffo, a Member of the legal team of the petitioners, stated that they were opposed to the motion filed by the third respondent.

The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments on the application and make a ruling before the substantive hearing of the Election Petition case continues on Tuesday May 14, 2013.

The Court adjourned sitting on the matter to enable the petitioners provide the duplicate copies of the pink sheets with the same serial numbers which Mr Tsatsu Tsikata demanded for.

The adjournment followed a request by Mr Tsikata that it would be difficult for him to continue his cross examination of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the second petitioner, if the counterpart copies of pink sheet with same serial number were not made available.

Mr Justice William Atuguba, the presiding Judge, said before the break the petitioners were asked to provide a list of the counterpart copies of the duplicate pink sheet exhibits with same serial numbers.

When he asked after the break whether the petitioners were unable to provide the list, Mr Philip Addison, lead Counsel for the petitioners said they would be provided an hour before hearing on Tuesday.

He explained that even though they were provided with the list last Thursday, they were not told by Mr Tsikata that they should provide the duplicate list with same serial numbers.

Mr Justice Atuguba granted the petitioners reprieve to provide the duplicate list and subsequently adjourned hearing to tomorrow.

He also admonished all the parties to sort out the differences on exhibits to make for a speedy hearing.

Source: GNA

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