NRSC audits Volta Region roads

RoadThe Volta Regional office of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) has begun auditing selected roads in the Volta Region.

This is to ensure pedestrian safety and a reduction in pedestrian ‘knockdowns’ in the region.

The campaign is to mark the 2nd anniversary of the UN Global Road Safety week on the theme: “Be alert! Look out for the other road user,” in Ghana.

Mr Sebastian Akyeampong, Volta Regional Manager of the NRSC, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Monday that pedestrian ‘knockdowns’ in the region were very alarming, necessitating the road audit and the provision of crossing aides on busy roads across the region.

He said a total of 169 persons were knocked down in 2012 as against 118 in 2011.

Mr Acheampong mentioned Ho-Adaklu Road, Ho-Township, Kpetoe Township, Sarakope, Sogakope, Tefle-Agave Junction, Dzodze and Ave-Dakpa as major towns and roads that record high pedestrian ‘knockdowns’ in the Region.

He said the NRSC would make recommendations to the Ghana Highway Authority after the audit to introduce “speed calming” measures on some of the roads to ensure pedestrian safety.

“We also found that some houses are located in the middle of  roads and must be relocated,” Mr Akyeampong said.

He advised drivers to always look out for pedestrians on the road or by the roadside and treat them as legitimate users of the road.

Mr Akyeampong  urged pedestrians to always establish “eye contact” with other road users and ensure that they were seen before they crossed the road.

Other programmes outlined for the pedestrian safety campaign include media outreaches, outreaches to bus terminals and communities which record high pedestrian knockdowns.

It is estimated that about 43 per cent of all road traffic related deaths and injuries involved pedestrians, making them the worst vulnerable road users in Ghana.

Source: GNA

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