Mawuli School students living in fear

Students of Mawuli School in Ho are now living in fear following the incessant attacks on them by unidentified people from the Ho Township.

Two students and a teacher are reported to have been stabbed in the eye with few others nursing bruises and cutlass wounds in three different attacks since Thursday.

The attacks were said to have been prompted by the arrest and manhandling of a young man who on Wednesday allegedly stabbed a student and took his mobile phone at a place near the School.

Then on Thursday, a group of young men, said to be wielding cutlasses and other offensive objects, attacked some students of the School at the old Mawuli School Park, near Mawuko Girls Senior High School.

One of the victims of the attack told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that in course of the attack, a teacher of the School who attempted to separate the factions suffered a deep cut in the eye.

A young man said to be living with a teacher on the Mawuli School campus was also assaulted on Friday at a spot, close to the main gate of the School.

A day student was also said to have been stabbed in the eye on Saturday May 11, while in a taxi going to the school.

The School had been under heavy police presence since Friday but information available to the GNA indicated that some young people in town were planning to launch another attack on the students before they (students) finished their final examinations.

It has become dangerous for students of the school to venture into town.

Some teachers and police officials confirmed the incidents but are tight-lipped and not willing to give further details.

Source: GNA

  1. Enter your name... says

    God help mawuli student

  2. bruce justice says

    whats is it at all that the holians want the mawuliams to do to them.i am now afrad of even going back to school.God save the mawulians from this dengerous attack.

  3. Britzzy Ticklez says

    Ho guys are really geting nuts..They behave the same way in class, in the dorm, in the hall..Am scared to go to school now…

  4. majesty says

    oh!! my God what are these guys up to.i am even scared of going to.but i know God will see us through.

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