Child maintenance cases rise in Ashanti Region

Children_waterLack of child maintenance cases is on the rise in the Ashanti Region, and according to the Department of Social Welfare it is currently handling 1,488 of such problems.

Mr Jacob Achulo, Regional Director of the Department, said 1,213 of the cases have been handled, 59 withdrawn for settlement at home, 60 cases were referred to the courts while 152 are pending.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, he described the figure as high and said the growing incidence of broken homes and the refusal by some men to take responsibility are to be blamed for the phenomenon.

He said there are also problems relating to child custody and so far the Department have received 381 of such complaints.

Out of the figure, 299 were amicably settled, 11 cases were withdrawn, and 14 sent to the courts. 55 cases are yet to be settled.

The Department received 239 paternity cases, 177 were settled, 13 were withdrawn, 25 were arraigned and 24 pending.

He put the number of family welfare cases reported to the Department at 647. 542 of them were resolved, 38 withdrawn, 11 referred to the courts and 55 yet to be concluded.

Mr Achulo pleaded with couples to provide adequate social protection to their children.

Source: GNA

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