International symposium on phosphate industry opens in Agadir

SymphosThe second edition of Symphos, the International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry opened in Agadir, Morocco, Wednesday May 8, 2013.

The symposium, according to Mr. Amar Drissi, Executive Vice President, Operations at OCP, the organisers will discuss  scientific knowledge and technology.

Other topics to be covered at the meeting he said will include the food equation, materials and new products, water, energy and sustainable development.

The inaugural speech was made by inventor Elmar Mock. Mock who is the President of Creaholic and co-inventor of Swatch.

The theme for the bi-annual conference is “Promoting innovation and technology for sustainable development” and about 1000 participants are expected.

According to the organisers, the second edition is following the major success of the first edition in 2011.

The organisers also say the conference is devoted to technological innovations in the phosphate industry and is being attended by major international actors operating in the industry -they include industrialists, manufacturers, suppliers of equipment and researchers.

Participants will be expected to share their experiences, discover the most recent innovations and collectively consider the future of the phosphate industry, they said.

SYMPHOS 2013 will witness the active participation of more than 1000 experts and internationally renowned researchers, OCP which is one of the largest exporters of phosphate fertilizer said.

Other concerns of the symposium would be to consider how to collectively face the rise in global demand for food, how to preserve phosphate deposits, how to establish a powerful and sustainable operation integrating safety and the environment, OCP said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi, in Agadir, Morocco

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