GNA news feed on mobile app platform, biNu

GNAMr Bernard Otabil, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana News Agency (GNA) announced on Tuesday that the Agency has made its news service available to the people of Ghana and the world via the popular free biNu mobile application.

“We chose biNu as a platform for our news applications as it works very efficiently on a wide range of phones, including entry level phones and on all Android devices. Also, development of the application was extremely quick and simple”, Mr Otabil said in a press statement released in Accra.

The GNA was established in 1957 on the eve of Ghana’s independence and has been reporting on a wide range of national and regional news events ever since. This latest venture is part of the Agency’s  drive to explore new channels of news dissemination under the leadership of its newly appointed CEO.

BiNu is an Australian company which has been taking the world by storm with its revolutionary method of delivering content to low-end phones on slow and congested networks. It provides users access to GNA content on a wide range of internet favourites such as Facebook, Twitter, email, chat, Wikipedia and several hundred free books.

The statement instructed that to access the GNA Application, subscribers should go to and download the appropriate version for their phones. Those in Ghana are advised to navigate to ‘News’, and then to ‘Local News’ to arrive at the GNA newsfeed.

Subscribers outside Ghana could simply go to ‘News’, ‘African News’,  and then to ‘Ghanaian News’, it added.

“biNu is proud to be working with such a well-established and nationally and internationally respected news agency. The GNA fits in well with our policy of making outstanding and compelling local content available to the millions of biNu’s  members,” the release quoted Jeremy George, biNu’s Vice President for Africa who demonstrated the efficiency of the service to GNA staff in Accra recently.

BiNu has 5 million users worldwide, of which around 1.6 million are in Africa.

Source: GNA

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