Black flies infestations reduce drastically at Bui – Survey

Bui DamA survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Bui and its environs have revealed drastic reduction of infestation of black flies in and around the Bui Dam project in the Banda District.

Since the Zoomlion Bui Disinfestation team started the control of the Onchocercaisis vectors (black flies), at the Bui hydro electric dam and its environs, resident have admitted that apart from the reduction of the black flies they have also learned about its control.

The intensive ground application (adulticiding and larvaciding) administered through phoenix fogger and boom industrial spraying machines mounted on trucks to fight the black flies in and around the dam site had provided a conducive atmosphere for the completion of the project and development of estates for human resettlement.

According to a dependable source, systematic and regular adulticiding of the right choice of insecticides by the Zoomlion disinfestation team has prevented the resistance of the black fly.

Mr Samuel Nortey, National Coordinator of the Zoomlion Disinfestation team said it had strategically redeployed its workers to their respective communities to control the infestation of the black flies and any other insects in their community along the Black Volta in both Southern and Northern sectors.

He was speaking to the GNA in an interview at Bui after President John Dramani Mahama had inaugurated the first power supply of the dam at Bui on Friday.

Mr Nortey said the control of the vectors had benefited the workers, contractors and inhabitants in and around the dam site.

Source: GNA

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