WAEC cancels Government 1 and 2 papers

The West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) has cancelled the Government Paper 1 and 2 of the on-going West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Monday said the papers would be re-administered on May 17.

The statement said a foreign material was found on some students during a routine inspection on April 22.

“In pursuance of its quest to inculcate moral uprightness in the youth, demonstrate its abhorrence for examination malpractice of any sort and safeguard the integrity of the on-going examination, the WAEC has cancelled the Government 1 and 2 papers”, the statement said.

The statement reminded heads of schools to make the necessary arrangements for the affected candidates to re-sit the papers.

Source: GNA

WAEC cancels Government 1 and 2 papers

  1. Eric Buadu says

    Well i just want to know why u cancelled all the papers of the Candidates writing the Government, what u should have done is to cancelled the papers of whose who where found with the foreign materials, and those who copied as well, Someones Mistake is been use to punished all the Candidates why is this happening!!

  2. Enter your name... says

    its so devastating to have re-sit for an examination which has already be written.its so hurting so much so that not all these candidates have b involved in such a gross malpractice, and so therefore i challenge the council and its members to see and participate in the essence of ensuring that, only those involved in such act are delt with severely so as to reduce such mounted pressure on some candidates innocent in such act for the success of those impending ones to accomplish as much as possible…

  3. Anonymous says

    WAEC PLEASE STOP PLAYING WITH OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Imak says

    Waec should have rather hold thier personell responsible and not studetnts. they those exposing the papers to the students.

  5. Enter your name... says

    The only subject I believe in gettin
    g A1 that you have cancelled. Oh why!

  6. Enter your name... says

    I think you shoud let us write this peper either this week or next week b’cos all g.arts students don’t have any peper until 13th of April. Also Geog student who offer E maths will be writing on the 16th April.

  7. andrews says

    it a good decision the waec has taken since it will ensure examination discipline

  8. Enter your name... says

    Is not good toall the student paper becos u are the cause

  9. Enter your name... says

    i wonder why incidence from ghana should affects the whole candidates, it has to dealt on those whose were found in such incidence, not on candidates entire. Please you should readdress this matter.

  10. King says

    This is uncalled for…
    WAEC cant punish students for de negligence of their duties….its absurd..
    Its unacceptable…..
    Something shud b done abt this…..
    Its hard to be a student in ghana…..aaahhhh…why

  11. Anonymous says

    oh weac why….we’ll be having paper on 16 nd 17 gov’t oh weac why is it punishment for some of we de garts students…….

  12. Enter your name...simon says

    why is that the leaders of our nation are very weekid.how many student were there when the questions was being set can somebody answer me this question?why is it that the mistake of our leaders affect the youth.who leaked the questions.is it not the members of waec who leaked the questions.so why?i will conclude by saying waec should do somtin about it and stop saying that it has been council because student cannot sit down and the paper again.pls do something about it.

  13. oppmen says

    it is very sad for our papers to be cancelled because it is going to very tough for some students especially those offering both E math and Government

  14. bobby says

    waec leaders are like robot with no head.no student was part when the questing was set.how did the paper leaked?waec your leaders in ghana are corrupt go and let them re-write their exams on good leadership to acquire a new certificate 4 the job

  15. Enter your name... says

    Certificate from waec will be valueless some days to come because the malpractice so are to much..that is why our universitis are choked with chaff.. Theright people does not get chance to go . Waec do something before your people collapse the nation

  16. Enter your name... says

    Is Nana Kwasi /RVP -Bibiani. Waec if i write this government paper again,all of you in the waec who worked there, include you or the NDC president and their ministets God will also use the armed robbers punishment to punish and judge you these peoples and those who cancelled the government paper as what you have done to the government students. You suppose to cancel that school you were caught if you do this and.God will also know what he will do.Don’t cancel the paper you have already said but it haven’t passed

  17. obeng Darko Samuel says

    what waec has done is not the right way of punishing innocent students.They should rescined from what they have done to the innocent students

  18. Ebenezer Boamah says

    The offence of the other student who copied,shouldn’t have be use to punish innocent ones.This is not right

  19. Enter your name... says

    OOOh gh waec why,was any of de students there whn u were sttn de papers.Gauch!!! its ur own fault so pls dont worry us tke de neccessary actn u’ve 2 tke not a resit.

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