NADMO builds capacity of staff to mitigate disasters

FloodingSeventy officers from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and the National Security are undergoing capacity building training at Asutsuare in the Eastern Region to build their confidence in disaster management.

The four weeks training, being organised by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), would equip and prepare officers towards the raining season as a Rapid Response Team to assist disaster victims, mitigate and prevent disasters.

Mr Sylvester Azantilow, Deputy National Coordinator of Administration, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Monday, said the training would, among other things, instill leadership, organisational skills, discipline  and provide officers with first aid to conform to rescue mission regulations in tackling disasters.

Mr Azantilow said it was necessary for the staff to receive training from the GAF so they could act as military officers who were experts in that field because the GAF was providing such relief  services before NADMO came into being.

He said it was significant to prepare the men both mentally and physically to comply with camp regulations and that any form of misconduct from them would receive disciplinary action so that resources and investments put in their training would not be wasted.

Mr Azantilow appealed to the public to be abreast of disaster management safety tips to prevent manmade disasters and put in measures to prevent any adverse effects that would be caused by the rains.

Source: GNA

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