Bongo Presiding Member re-elected

voterMr Alexis Ayamdor, the Assemblman for Zorko-Kanga Electoral Area has been re-elected for the second time as  the Presiding Member (PM) for the Bongo District Assembly.

Two Assemblymen of the Assembly including Mr Peter Ayimbisa of Soe-Sanabisi electoral area and Mr Clement Akasoba Ayambire, Government Appointee, who had planned to contest against Mr Ayamdor withdrew from the race.

Despite that, the re-elected Presiding Member had to go through voting to secure the two-thirds of the Assembly members, as demanded by the local government Act 462. Mr Ayamdor secured 47 out of the 52 votes.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Bongo, the re-elected PM explained that he got the nod for the second time because he championed  the cause  and welfare of many of the Assembly members at both the Regional and the National Association of Local Government Authority of Ghana(NALAG).

“I was always in touch with most of the Assembly members and communities .Occasionally I made time to visit their communities where I explained local government programmes and  the Assembly to them which helped to improve their livelihoods”

Mr Ayamdor, who is also a local government expert said before he became PM the  Assembly was grappling with  politicization but under” my leadership  I managed to reduce it to the  barest minimum . I did that by demonstrating by words, deeds and action when it comes to Assembly business.”

He said another problem he managed to surmount was the poor inflow of Internally Generated Funds ( IGF) and stated that he did that by  setting  up a taskforce to monitor and supervise strictly, which reduced the leakages in the system. “

Mr Ayamdor said as a Chairman of the Public Relations and Complaint Committee his foremost priority is to institute town hall meetings in the area and town councils to give citizens at the grassroots levels  the opportunities to interact with service providers that would include the leadership of the Assembly and heads of  the decentralized departments.

He promised to help improve service deliveries in the District.

Source: GNA

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