Health Ministry receives mobile clinic facilities

stethoscopeMinistry of Health has received eight mobile clinics and 10 biomedical maintenance vans to help boast health delivery and bring health services to the door steps of the door.

The vans donated by Belstar Development Corporation and manufactured by Odulair LLC of the USA, would have two each assigned to Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), eye, dental and general medicine throughout the country.

The Minister of Health, Mrs Sherry Ayettey on behalf of the First Lady, Lordina Mahama, said to protect communities from diseases no effort should be spared in training, deploying and resourcing health care staff who looked after the welfare of patients.

She said access to rural health care services encompassed several elements, including property acquisition and management, staffing, housing, adequate technology and numerous and another variables and overhead cost.

“Each component posses its own unique challenges and issues and it is when taken all aspects of the problem into account that the benefit of implementing mobile health care technology becomes evident”.

She expressed satisfaction that the package included fully equipped workshop vans, which would enable maintenance technicians to undertake regular checks on the on-board equipment to make sure that they are always in a state of readiness for use by clinicians.

The First Lady commended the suppliers, Belstar Development Corporation, and the manufacturers Odfulair LLC, all of the USA, for the detailed planning and modeling of the specialist equipment, and its own complete with their own power.

Deputy US Ambassador to Ghana, Ms Pat Alsup, expressed her government commitment to complement Ghana’s effort at improving health care delivery and commended the two US companies for their contribution to health services in the country.

Mr Charles Mensah, General Manger of Belstar, noted that mobile clinic was a choice for treating people regardless of how far away they might be.

He said they specialize in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes and that the design gives priority to understanding the social function they were expected to accomplish.

Belstar has 35 years of experience selling in 20 countries and are qualified to make medical vehicles of any technical complexity.

Source: GNA

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