Ghana banned from hosting international hockey tournaments

Ghana flagsThe International Hockey Federation (IHF) has banned Ghana from hosting global competitions until the deteriorated National Hockey Stadium is fixed.

Ghana would continue to be overlooked for hosting international competitions after the IHF ranked the plush National Hockey Stadium unworthy to host events due to the declined synthetic turf at the heart of the arena.

GNA Sports can confirm that the stadium built in 2009 when Ghana won the rights to host the African Hockey Federation (AfHF) African Cup for Nations (men and women) is reeling under poor maintenance due to contractual issues with pitch layers, Edel Grass BV.

The Dutch contractors have refused to carry out their mandated maintenance owing to the non-payment of an outstanding bill of €73,334.51.

This, according to investigations by GNA Sports is made up of withheld taxes of €61,234.51, and an amount of €12,100 for approving testing report from IHF Testing Laboratory.

The development has irked Edel Grass BV, who under Article 4.4.2 of the contract signed with Government had a tax-free clause, with the amount withheld as tax deemed unknowingly done.

The amount has remained outstanding since 2009, influencing Edel Grass BV’s decision to halt their maintenance and repair mandate until the €73,334.51 is redeemed.

Since 2011, the turf and facilities which need specialised annual repairs have been neglected due to the impasse with the warranty period for repairs fast ticking away.

The construction of the pitch cost Ghana €830,000.

Source: GNA

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