Pressure mounts on private health institutions in Tarkwa

stethoscopePressure is mounting on private health institutions in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality, following a nation-wide strike action by members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

As at 0900 hours on Tuesday when the Ghana News Agency paid a visit to the Tarkwa government hospital, the Out Patients Department (OPD), which used to be busy and crowded, had only a few patients waiting anxiously to be taken care of by nurses on duty.

However, when GNA visited private health institutions, including Ami Memorial Hospital, Rabboni Christian Hospital and Pentecost Clinic, many patients were at the various OPDs.

The health service administrator of Ami Memorial Hospital, Mr. Nicholas Kwarteng, said following the strike by doctors, pressure has mounted on the few private health facilities.

He said Ami Hospital used to receive 120 patients daily but last Monday, the number increased to 200 and as at 1140 hours on Tuesday, 110 patients had already been treated.

Mr. Kwarteng said that though staff of the hospital was working for long hours, the facility had limited chairs and beds to accommodate patients, who might be in critical conditions.

Dr. Joseph Darko,  who was on duty at the Ami Hospital, said pregnant women, who were not yet in labour but on admission for observation and monitoring had to be discharged to pave way for those whose time was due.

Dr. Darko said 10 pregnant women had been admitted to the hospital as at Tuesday, and the number was likely to increase in the days ahead if the GMA strike continues.

Madam Mary Zumana, a midwife at the Pentecost Clinic, called on government to find a solution to the doctors’ strike before the situation becomes worst, and explained that      private health facilities supplement the role of larger hospitals.

Mrs. Lucy Awuah, Manager of Owass Abibidrofie Herbal Centre, said though the facility had received a few patients, the number might increase.

Source: GNA

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