Parliamentary Committee in public hearings to hold Executive accountable

ParliamentParliament is stepping up its oversight role over the Executive as the Committee on Government Assurance prepares to hold public hearings to ensure Ministers deliver on promises they make to execute projects and solve issues.

Currently, the Appointment and Public Accounts Committees of Parliament are the only two known to hold public hearings.

Mr Emmanuel Bedzrah, Chairman of the Government Assurance Committee, flanked by the Ranking member of the Committee, Joe Baidoe-Ansah, told a press conference at Parliament House on Tuesday that the Committee will begin public hearings from October this year, with the aim of hauling ministers before it to find out if they have been able carry out promises and assurances they have made.

This is to hold them accountable before the people of Ghana to deliver on all promises and agenda of government to ensure that it is not all empty talk and vain promises to the people of Ghana.

Mr Bedrah said the Committee is being sponsored by Star Ghana, a funding agency, which is being supported by development partners such as the USAID, DANIDA and European Union.

Mr Baidoe-Ansah said the aim of the Committee is to make sure that Parliament plays its oversight role effectively and get the Ministers to live up to expectation.

Mr Tanko Ibrahim of Star-Ghana, said his organization is empowering civil society organizations and Parliament to ensure good governance and accountable.

By Eunice Menka

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