Group calls on government to halt illegal logging in Gonjaland

Bui woodThe Gonjaland Youth Association (GLYA) has called on the government to as a matter of urgency halt the illegal logging of trees in Gonjaland for timber by Chinese timber merchants.

GLYA urged the National Security and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to deploy a task force to Damango immediately to arrest the unpleasant situation.

Mr Dramani Dari, GLYA National Secretary made the call at a news conference in Accra on Friday , which was attended by all the National Executives of the Association and some chiefs.

He cautioned individuals, groups, District Assemblies and Chiefs collaborating with the Chinese engaged in the illegal activities to put an immediate stop to it.

Mr Dari said the worse affected forests are in West Gonja District.

GLYA promised to exposed the culprits irrespective of their social standing to the world if found to be involved in the act.

“We on our part in our commitment to solving this problem had series of meetings to discuss this issue with our Central Committee Members, the Overlord of Gonjaland and his Chiefs, District Assemblies, District Forestry Officers and the Regional Police Command on the role we collectively have to play to bring these activities to a halt.

“Based on this discussion, we were able to stop six trucks loaded with timber specifically rosewood at Buipe in Central Gonja District but upon the intervention of the Forestry Commission, they were released,” Mr Dari stated.

Mr Dari commended the media for breaking the news about the illegal activities of some Chinese timber merchants in Gonjaland to the public this month.

Source: GNA

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  1. abu mohammed says

    Icommend the gonja youth very well, they should wake up strongly against this illegal chinese activities, and thier collaborators. God save our land, the chinese are taking over our mining sector, almost every sector, with the collboration some greedy chiefs and greedy opinion leaders who only think of themselves. oooh!!!! Ama Ghana.

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