Inadequate funding put elections credibility in doubt – Justice Crabbe

Voter2Justice V.C.R.A.C Crabbe, retired Supreme Court Judge on Thursday, noted that without adequate funding for bodies responsible for constitutionally mandated elections, the integrity and credibility of the process would always be in doubt.

He said political parties play a key role in elections by seeking votes, publishing their manifestos, advertising their policies and programmes in both print and electronic media and organising political rallies across the country.

Justice Crabbe was speaking at the 9th Kronti ne Akwamu Lecture on the topic: “Democratic Governance in Ghana: How Political Polarisation may be Abated” organised by the Centre for Democratic Development, Ghana, a think-tank  in collaboration with Friedrich Nuamann STIFTUNG and Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

He said election is about making choices and that the electorate have the right to chose candidates who would represent them and be their voices in law and decision making.

Justice Crabbe noted that election monitoring have come to stay as a barometer in measuring and determining the outcome of election results and success and the possible re-run of elections.

He said the media play an increasingly important role in election coverage and governance of every country and also educating the citizenry on election issues and laws.

Justice Crabbe observed that no constitution, court and law can safe Ghana from self destruction and that when political parties win elections, only party faithful becomes citizens of the country while others becomes foreign nationals.

“Officers who hold civil and political positions come under attack to the extent that even local toilet caretakers who manage toilets for assemblies are attack and beaten.”

Mrs Elizabeth Joyce Villars, Board Chairman of Camelot Ghana Limited and also Chairman of the occasion said Ghanaian tax payer’s money was often used to pay for the cost of deceit and greed, associated with the organisation of elections.

“Upon all the huge sum of money that is been use in organising elections in Ghana, the credibility and integrity of the election is in doubt and questionable,” she said.

Source: GNA

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