Deeper Christian Life Ministry inaugurates press corps

media2Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Ghana, on Thursday inaugurated a press corps to propagate the good news and also refresh the minds and the hearts of Ghanaians through their reportage.

Members were selected from various media houses in Accra and would be trained to champion that course.

Pastor John Boham, National Overseer of the church in Ghana, who inaugurated the press corps, said the airwaves were filled with negative publications as if nothing good was happening in the country.

He said: “Looking through the newspapers and other news networks including magazines, the impression one gets is as if nothing good is going on in Ghana. We scarcely hear good things from the news”.

Pastor Boham said there were lots of good things happening in Ghana but people tend to hear of only the bad ones.

“But all is not bad, there are great things that is happening in Christ and must bring people together, transform them to go to the world to tell the people that it is not only bad news that is happening in the world but there are good things as well.

“Here, in Ghana, if people will spread the good news of the Kingdom of God and people accept Christ, Ghana will be an interesting country to live in,” he said and urged the Christian Press Corps to go and tell the world that something good is happening and that is Jesus Christ.

Mr David Newton, Rector of Ghana Institute of Journalism, said development should be taken in totality, thus, the physical and spiritual needs of a man and commended the church for its efforts.

The Rector said apart from informing, educating and entertaining the public, the media also had other roles to influence public opinion.

“But the way the media behaves is influenced by the ownership because he determines the outcomes or contents of the stories.

“In Ghana, government owned states media and it also has its interest, which will influence the outcome of the state owned media and it is the same with the private media – the owner’s interest is what carries the day,” he said.

Mr Newton said the political system of the country was also a very important issue to consider.

He said Ghana adopted multi-party democracy which was guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution and that presupposed that there were divergent opinions and there were constitutional bodies to oversee the operations of the media and “I think this is where we have failed as country”.

He said before the 1992 Constitution there were state monopoly but with the coming into force of the Constitution that chain was broken as the Chapter 12 of the Constitution dealt with the freedom of the mass media.

He said the National Media Commission was established constitutionally to nurture democracy and encourage the media to report on issues they deemed fit, and insulate the state owned media from government interference.

He noted that 1992 saw the proliferation with unprecedented number of private newspapers and airwaves and that was compounded by the expansion of mushroom journalism training institutions.

That, he said, had over-burdened the system and called for all stakeholders to review the legal framework governing journalists.

Pastor Francis Fosu, National Coordinator of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, said the event was a milestone in the history of the Church because it would bring the media on board the noble mission of reaching the lost with the good news.

Source: GNA

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  1. George Antwi - Boateng says

    The Gospel News of the Lord-God; vigorously must be integrated into our “Press and Media” functionary advocacies. Thus, guaranteeing us peace, honesty and dignity about how we inter-act with each other. Offering us effectiveness and smooth running in our national political management affairs. Because of profound faith in Christ that will put fears in all of us

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