MCE to investigate financial scandal leveled against Bolga taskforce

cediMr Edward Ayagle, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Bolgatanga, has given the assurance that investigations could be conducted into financial scandal and other charges levelled by people in the area against the Development Control Task Force.

The MCE at a meeting with journalists at Bolgatanga on Monday said, “I set up the task force with good intentions to decongest the town and to ensure that land developers obtain permits to prevent people from building at unauthorised places.

This followed complaints made by some residents of Bolgatanga including operators of businesses that some members of the taskforce had misbehaved and carried out their work selectively.

Mr Ayagle said any member of the taskforce, who would be found culpable, would be made to face the full rigours of the law, adding “this present government is ready to deal with criminals and corrupt officials”.

Mr Gregory Andama, a resident of Bolgatanga, alleged that the taskforce had pulled down his drinking spot and made away with some drinks and money.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) observed that some structures in the Municipality had been pulled down, including government signboards.

Source: GNA

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