MP appeals to Ghanaian workers to exercise patience with government

Mr Ato Amoah, Member of Parliament for Twifo Atti Mokwaa, has appealed to Ghanaian workers to exercise patience with the government on their agitations for improved conditions of service.

Addressing a meeting of workers at Twifo Praso on Tuesday, Mr Amoah said the spate of agitations for salary adjustments and threats of embarking on industrial strike were not good enough for a young government like the current National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government being led by President John Mahama.

The MP urged workers not to take the government to ransom but to consider the economic situation of the country before making demands.

He said “The President was frank to admit in the State of the Nation’s Address that the economy was left with bones and that there was the need for it to be covered with flesh,” adding that workers must be reasonable in making demands.

Mr Amoah appealed to Ghanaians to allow the government to settle down to enable it to solve the mirage of challenges facing the country.

He said: “No government has a magic wand to solve the country’s problems in less than three months as people wanted President Mahama to do”.

Mr Amoah said Ghana needed workers whose loyalty to the nation was not in doubt and appealed to workers, especially heads of departments who felt their political lineage would not make them to serve the country to the best of their ability, to resign to enable those who would not sabotage the government’s efforts to replace them.

“The country must move forward, and the government will not tolerate workers who will deliberately sabotage its efforts to improve the living standards of the people,” he said.

Mr Amoah, who is the Regional Youth Organiser of the NDC, appealed to supporters of the party to mobilise forces to assist the government to improve conditions in the country.

Source: GNA

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