Delays in salaries, other allowances payment goes with cost – TEWU

cediMr Raph Apaaya, Acting General Secretary of the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) said there was the need to reciprocate President John Mahama’s gesture in solving industrial dispute with prompt action by those responsible.

He said those responsible to see that workers demand were met without delay must be up to the task.

Mr Apaaya said delays in paying salaries and allowances of all sorts

led to accumulation of arrears and paved the way to take money from other sectors to defray such cost.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on causes of industrial strike on Friday in Accra, Mr Apaaya said delays in paying salaries and allowances  dampened the spirit of those affected and delayed economic progression.

He said trade union leaders were not happy to see their members on the street to press for their demands and that could be prevented if employers and union leaders approached negotiations with speed.

Source: GNA

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