Accra-based lawyer says will not defend armed robbers again

lawyersThere was drama at an Accra Circuit Court when a lawyer declared in open court that he was not going to defend armed robbers again following attack on his family by robbers.

Mr George Asumani, an Accra legal practitioner, said this during the hearing of an armed case where an investigator was about to testify.

Mr Asumani told the court presided over Mr Francis Obiri that he was withdrawing his services for armed robbery cases because armed robbers had attacked his mother and sister in their respective homes.

Mr Asumani, who was emotional about the issue, said his relations were attacked by robbers who were armed with machetes and other dangerous implements.

“I have vowed from today not to handle any robbery case again no matter the financial reward attached to the matter”, he said.

Mr Francis Obiri, the Presiding judge, said for some time Mr Asumani has been contemplating on the issue whether to defend armed robbers because of what had happened to his neighbours some time back.

He said it was not surprising that Mr Asumani had finally declared not to accept and defend any armed robbery case because of what had happened to his own family.

Mr George Asumani is one of the few human right lawyers who had taken upon themselves to defend the rights of every Ghanaian citizen no matter their crime because every person is innocent until proven guilty.

Source: GNA

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