Professor Sai honoured for selfless dedication towards maternal health care

Prof. Fred Sai
Prof. Fred Sai

The Maternal Health Channel, a reproductive health media outlet, on Tuesday paid tribute to Professor Fred Sai, a Maternal and Health Care Specialist for his commitment and passionate campaign towards maternal health.

The tribute was in recognition of the dedication, passion and wisdom he had brought to the field of reproductive health that has often been little understood or appreciated.

Presenting the citation at the ceremony in Accra, Ms Emefa Adeti, 2012 Ghana Most Beautiful, congratulated Prof Sai for his contribution towards the success of maternal health in the country.

She said: “People like him would always be recognised for their passion and dedication towards issues relating to women.”

Prof Sai noted that his mission was to help prevent pregnant women from dying during child birth.

“Women are dying in childbirth by the hundreds, not because the technology for saving them is not available but the will, support, enthusiasm, understanding that is the humane thing to do is not there,” he said.

He said pregnancy is not a disease or death sentence.

Prof Sai noted that although the introduction of the free maternal health care in the country had reduced maternal mortality there is the need for drastic measures including social interventions to curb the situation.

He said more than 4000 women die every year in Ghana, out of which 13 per cent are due to abortion.

More than 200,000 women also become disabled through complications.

Prof Sai observed that proactive community based approach to maternal health service need to be applied, adding that communities must also have the zeal to help pregnant women.

He noted that referral of maternal health patients should also be done under strict supervision.

Prof Sai was trained in medicine at the University of London, Edinburgh and Harvard, and has received many awards for his medical efforts, including the United Nations Population Award in 1993.

Source: GNA

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