Artisans at Tanokrom Kokompe to be relocated

Artisans at Tanokrom Kokompe are going to be relocated to Kansaworodo, near Takoradi.

Nana Kwamena Kwadzie, Western Regional Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG), told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that a South African company has acquired the land on which the artisans are operating to construct a shopping mall.

Nana Kwadzie said the company will develop an acquired land at Kansaworodo into a Light Industrial Area to facilitate the relocation of the artisans.

He said the company will also extend electricity and water to the area and construct toilet facilities.

Nana Kwadzie said individuals who constructed block structures in the area would be compensated by the company.

Source: GNA

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