Get rid of ‘The Hollywood’

HollywoodThere is no other place in the world where you can come across a bevy of drop dead gorgeous individuals than in Hollywood – a location where reality has taken a back seat. If you are fortunate enough to get invited to any A-list party, the sheer numbers will overwhelm you. It’s like one hardly recovers from an onslaught of sheer perfection before encountering another.

However, if for any reason Botox injections and plastic surgeries become outlawed, I can bet my last naira that many of the afore-mentioned beauties and blokes will drop dead for sure.  It is such a plastic society that someone once said that if everybody that has undergone a plastic surgery goes on vacation that the town will be virtually empty. There is such desperation by these groups of people to look good at all cost. They can’t deal with who they really are. The artificiality often spreads beyond their looks to other aspects of their lives and in my puritanical opinion that is sickening.

Similarly, it’s virtually impossible sometimes for us to uncover the layers and layers of pretence and sycophancy that we exhibit in the office environment. There are people who are only nice to their bosses, wealthy looking clients etc. and that for sure is not the way to go. Apart from the fact that we are expected to accord every human being regardless of age race and background with respect, it is most likely that we will make a costly mistake if we continue selecting the people we will be nice to.

Ponder upon this short narrative; a marketing manager recounted how he went on a marketing drive and encountered a non-descript looking man at the front-desk area of a huge corporation, just moments after he finished speaking to the security guard, the man politely enquired of him as regards what he was seeking, in an abrupt manner, he told the man that he couldn’t help because he needed to see the CEO and the man left.Hours later, this marketing manager was ushered into the CEO’s office and guess who he met? The man he had been rude to earlier. We have to learn to be courteous and well behaved in the office environment.  Here are some tips to make you the nice person that you really are

a.    Love yourself; sounds easy I know but take a moment and reflect on this statement; do you truly love yourself? Do you have the skills and disposition that will make you be tops in whatever you lay your hands on? Do you truly appreciate your gifts? Have you brought to the fore all the beautiful qualities deposited in you? If you haven’t, take time out to love and pamper yourself. Take time out to study and acquire the necessary life-changing skills. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You have all it takes to live a blessed and fulfilled life. Find your rhythm and then step into the spotlight. The world is waiting for you. just believe

b.    Love your position; learn to love the point you are on the way to where you are going. Some employees spend all their time moaning and groaning about their cadre. They often talk about how they haven’t been promoted in years etc. but the truth is if you become obsessed with talk like that it will affect your creativity as well as the way you relate with others. A cheerful employee exudes confidence, love and all the qualities that will bring about the needed promotion.

Even if the promotion doesn’t come as and when due, bigger opportunities from another company may emerge and the transition will be smoother and more enjoyable for that cheerful employee who will not have to fake qualities that are not present within him or her. Enjoy the journey of life. There is no ultimate destination. You will always be aspiring to do one thing or the other. I don’t want to sound macabre but the ultimate earthly destination is the graveyard. So get a grip!

c.    Love your office environment; view your office as your second home. Is there something in the environment that irritates you to no end? Is it something that you can fix? If it is then get on with it. Complaining will not change the situation. Be pro-active. If it is something that is beyond you. You can make a polite suggestion at the next staff meeting. Even if the situation doesn’t get addressed as long as it is not hazardous to your health, learn to live with it. What won’t kill you will make you strong. You may not be able to change things in the larger environment but you can make your space a bit more comfortable.

d.    Love your colleagues no matter what; there are some colleagues I know who act like they have a singular mission to make your life miserable. It’s annoying to be constantly in the presence of such kinds of people but you can put your positive vibes to work, let your goodness and warmth subsume their negativity. However, never allow yourself get intimidated. Insist on your rights in a firm but yet polite manner.

Most of the time antagonizing individuals get derailed when they see that your mood does not get affected by their attempts to make you miserable. More often than not, they would get eventually bored and look for another victim. In some cases, they will find their own match and thus give you the needed break.

e.    Love your clients/customers/visitors; this is extremely important in any organization. The clients, repairmen. Job applicants etc. are very important. They are your unpaid advertisers who will recount to others about their experience in your organization so learn to be respectful, helpful and friendly to these groups of people. It will go a long way in increasing or decreasing the profit margin. You are the physical representation of the mission statement of your organization so make sure that your behavior is in line with the aims and objectives of your organization. Be a walking advertisement of the hopes and dreams of management

By Efe Alexandra Omordia

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