The craze for materialism must end – Primate Adofo

Primate S.K. Adofo, Spiritual Head of the Brotherhood Church, has appealed to Christians to do away with unbridled lust for material wealth.

“The craze for money and fame, which is fuelling crime in the society, must stop. It is simply out of tune with the Christian’s way of life”, he said.

Preaching at an Easter Sunday service at the Brotherhood Temple in Kumasi, Primate Adofo said they should not be tempted by the socio-economic difficulties of the times to engage in sinful acts.

He encouraged them to have faith in the “risen Jesus” and go out to spread the gospel and bring salvation to the people.

They must not confine their activities only to the Temples and crusade grounds but to the workplaces, markets, hospitals and lorry terminals to help the people to change their attitude to life.

He also spoke of the need for all to live in peace and harmony and accept to forgive those who wrong them.

They should renew their faith in God and become his ambassadors.

Source: GNA

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