African leaders urged to exhibit ethical leadership in governance

AUMr Robert Sam, Managing Director of Rakes Company Limited, has appealed to African leaders to exhibit ethical leadership that involved respecting the rights and dignity of others.

“Ethical leadership focuses on how leaders use their power in the decisions they make, actions they engage and how they meaningfully influence others,” he said.

Mr Sam made the call during the Launch of BYU Management Society, Accra Chapter, a premier organisation for business professionals.

The event which was on the theme, “Growing Moral and Ethical Leadership Around the World”, was in Accra on Monday.

The BYU Management Society is a professional organisation that creates the platform for networking, developing career and serving communities.

He said leaders who are ethical, demonstrate a level of integrity that is important for stimulating a sense of leader trustworthiness, which is important for followers to accept the vision of the leader.

He said leaders who are ethical are people-oriented and use their social power to serve the greater good instead of self-serving interest.

Mr Sam said observing the Ghanaian political landscape, he does not believe corruption in the body politics could be stopped either by the gun or even the changing of political parties through elections.

He said leaders should set up and strengthen institutions to curb corruption and this they must ensure works.

He said an effective and ethical leader should have the following traits including dignity and respect, ability to serve others, justice, honesty and the need for community building.

He said though leadership roles may seem challenging, it also brings about an opportunity to be a leader of morality.

He called for the re-introduction of the teaching of moral education and ethics as part of the daily curriculum in the basic, senior high schools and the Universities.

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr., a Lawyer, urged business leaders to exhibit the right attitude to improve on the development of their businesses.

He urged businessmen to uphold ethical values and principles that would enable them enhance business activities.

Mr Seth Ogoe Ayim, the President of the Society, said the organisation places emphasis  on ethics and the development of leaders around the world.

He said some of their programmes would include mentoring, career development and networking opportunities among others.

Source: GNA

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