Israeli Envoy implores Ghanaian health professionals to work in deprived communities

stethoscopeMadam Sharon Bar-Li, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, has entreated newly trained health professionals to accept postings to serve people living in deprived communities.

The ambassador made the plea, as a guest speaker, at the 12th congregation and swearing-in ceremony of the College of Health Sciences of University of Ghana on Saturday.

Madam Sharon said health professionals could make the best impact by attending to the needs of the sick and vulnerable and also help to educate the rural folks on practices of good hygiene and better lifestyles to help prevent avoidable diseases.

She told the graduating health professionals to let the Hippocratic Oath guide them in their various professional activities in the service of the country and humanity.

The Hippocratic Oath should also guide you to maintain high level of professionalism that Ghanaian health professionals were noted for internationally, she added.

She said though the training they have received equips them to practice anywhere in the world, they should endeavour to give their best in the service of Ghana and humanity.

She said given the opportunity of being young, versatile and active; the training received should further empower them to solve problems with creativity and innovation.

Ambassador Sharon said through creativity and innovation, Israel was able to exploit its human resource to transform infertile and rocky land into arable one.

She said Ghana could equally rely on the rich human resource at its disposal to take advantage of the varied opportunities in the environment to solve overcome the economic and social challenges confronting it.

She pledged Israel continued support to Ghana to transform the health and other sectors of the economy for the benefit of its people.

Professor Aaron Lawson, Provost of University of Ghana, told the graduates the Hippocratic Oath served as a guide to ethical and moral practices of practitioners.

The Hippocratic Oath sets out the obligation of the physicians to teachers and patients. In it, the physicians pledge to lay down their lives for patients, prescribe only beneficial treatment, and refrain from anything that will harm patients or violate their rights.

The provost therefore urged the graduates to remember that the nation needed their services especially in the rural communities where most vulnerable Ghanaians live.

According to the Provost the college was graduating over one thousand students, the highest ever, partly comprising 176 medical doctors, 20 dental surgeons, 60 medical laboratory scientists, 27 physiotherapists, 29 radiographers and 18 dieticians.

Source: GNA

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