World Home Economics day marked in Accra

The Ghana Home Economics Association on Thursday marked World Home Economics Day 2013, on the theme, “empowering individuals and the communities through home economics: confront poverty and social exclusion”, in Accra.

In a release to the Ghana News Agency, it said March 21 every year has been set aside to mark world economics day, since home economics could strengthen and empower individuals, families and communities.

It said this year’s celebration focuses on how individuals, families and communities at large, could confront poverty and social exclusion through home economics.

The release noted that poverty is the lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society, as well as the denial of choices and opportunities and lack of human dignity.”

“Poverty may also be understood as an aspect of unequal social status and inequitable social relations experienced as social exclusion, dependency and diminished capacity to participate or develop meaningful connections with other people”, it noted.

It said home economics on the other hand was the only subject that incorporate pertinent life skill, decision making and personal development that could help individuals and families to succeed in their present lives and constantly be of use as they continue into the future.

It noted that failing to generate income and socializing family members tends to affect social, political and economic setting, which also has a major impact on the opportunities for people to meet their basic needs.

The Association appealed to Ghanaians and all stakeholders to take family life serious and take good care of the growing children, saying everyone belongs to a family and a household and it is the individuals and households who are the basic unit of societies and economies.

“Home economics is for everyday life, it is for family survival and for all of us, if the family survives and is well socialized, then we can have a strong and peaceful Ghana.

Source: GNA

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