Regional Ministers reshuffle progressive – Nii Okai

Bede Ziedeng - Northern Regional Minister
Bede Ziedeng – Northern Regional Minister

The Chairman of the Odododiodioo Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Daniel Nii Okai, has described President John Dramani Mahama’s reshuffle of Regional Ministers to areas they do not hail from as progressive.

Speaking to the GNA in Accra on Thursday, he said the move would promote nationalism and national integration, adding that, it would also help eliminate tribalism in the country.

Mr Okai noted that the country’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah initiated the policy during the first Republic, which promoted national unity.

He noted that Ghanaians were one people with a common destiny and for that reason it did not matter where the President sent Regional Ministers so long as they could fulfil his vision and mission for the country.

According to the Odododiodioo NDC Chairman, the policy was a true reflection of the axiom of “Unity in diversity” since the President’s appointees was expected to implement the “Better Ghana Agenda” of the NDC.

He said the policy was in the right direction since it would help reduce pressures on Regional Ministers to satisfy demands from their own areas, which would affect their performance and efficiency.

Mr Okai said it was on record that Regional Ministers who served in regions where they did not hail from excelled and left indelible records.

He mentioned former Colonel John Kabore, who was from the Northern part of the country but performed very well in the Volta Region, Colonel George Minyila who was also from the North but excelled in the Eastern Region during the Acheampong regime.

He also recalled that Colonel Abgenedza, who hailed from the Volta Region excelled in the Central region, Mr Kojo Yankah from the Central Region was very successful in Ashanti and Mr Joshua Alabi, a Ga, who worked very well in the Northern Region during the Rawlings era.

Mr Okai said during the era of President Kufuour, Mr Ernest Debrah from the Brong Ahafo excelled in the Northern Region.

He said Civil Service appointments did not consider where one hailed from but noted that such appointees work with professionalism wherever they were posted and commended President Mahama for the policy.

Source: GNA

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