NGO advocates for effective teacher deployment

School under treeAn NGO operating in the Northern parts of the country has requested the Ghana Education Service (GES) to carry out effective deployment of teachers to the remote parts of the country.

Mr. Iddi Alhassan Abdulai, Executive Director for Net Organization for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED),  said effective deployment of teachers was the best means of bridging the educational gaps and standards that existed between the urban areas and the rural poor culminating in poor products of rural education.

Mr. Abdulai said its preliminary findings indicates that despite consistent complains about low teacher-ratio in most of the districts in the northern regions, the GES was yet to meet the quota in deploying more teachers to places where they were most needed.

He was speaking at a day’s stakeholder meeting on improving teacher capacity for better delivery being implemented by a consortium of NGOs including NOYED-Ghana, Northern Network for Education Development (NNED) and sponsored by STAR-Ghana.

Mr. Abdulai urged the GES to decentralize the deployment of teachers through the development of a collated database of policies and good practices for efficient implementation to achieve better results.

Mrs A S Ramaisha, Deputy Director of Administration at the Metro Education Unit noted that her outfit had tried a number of times to redeploy teachers to schools where they were needed most but had met challenges from chiefs and politicians who come plead on behalf of such teachers.

She assured that a new strategy had been developed to take to overcome such challenges noting the chiefs and opinion leaders were being sensitized about it.

Mr. Frederick Adimazoya, Project Facilitator for NNED suggested the need for NGOs, civil society and the GES to collaborate effectively to harmonize support for the professional development of the teacher’s capacity to impact positively.

He urged the government to use part of the capitation grants for in-service training of teachers in all basic schools of Ghana and in the Northern regions in particular.

Source: GNA

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