Over 2,000 Ghanaian farmers to benefit from 500-metric ton US-funded grain warehouse

Cocoa-sacksThe US Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided funding for the establishment of a 500 metric ton certified warehouse for grain storage in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The warehouse, which is located at Datoyili, Tamale, will benefit more than 2,000 farmers in six communities in the North.  It was put up by Gundaa Produce Company, a Tamale-based community maize aggregator working with over 2,800 small farmers in Diare, Tamalegu, Shelinlanyili, Kpatinga, Gaa and Kpugi.

According to the USAID, the grain warehouse system will increase the competitiveness of Ghana’s agriculture by increasing food production; reducing post-harvest losses, and enhancing higher rural investment.

Farmers can also use the warehouse receipt as collateral for bank loans, while traders and processors can use the receipts to secure grains of good quality, in the required volume, at stable prices, the US agency said March 13, 2013.

USAID Mission Director, Cheryl Anderson said “I have no doubt that this facility will assist farmers to improve post-harvest storage practices.  I encourage everyone to work hard to improve food security for the people of Ghana.”

USAID indicated that the new Gundaa Produce Company warehouse meets the Ghana Grains Council’s (GGC) certified warehouse specifications and has trained staff, adequately resourced equipment, software for the warehouse receipt systems, and insurance policies.

The Ghana Standard Authority is also expected to assist the GGC to sample and grade grains for receipting, in addition to providing its laboratory to resolve disputes in GGC warehouse receipts.

By Ekow Quandzie

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