MPs react to 2013 budget

ParliamentMr Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance on Tuesday presented the 2013 Budget and Economic Policy statement with smiles as he strived to get both minority and majority understand government had undertaken policies that would drive home the better Ghana Agenda.

At exactly 11.45 am the Finance Minister was called by Mr Edward Doe Adjaho, Speaker to present the statement under the theme: “Sustaining Confidence in the Future of the Ghanaian Economy“

The presentation of the budget which is accordance with Article 179 of the 1992 constitution addressed both fiscal and infrastructural deficit which members both majority and minority had been waiting keenly on their seats to listen to.

Mr Terkper held a bag and took his seat next to the Minister for Government Business with the majority side shouting “no kebab no kebaba” to which he simply smiled at.

He intermittently took a sip of water when he was delivering the statement which attracted the minority who shouted “ more water more water” to which he continued to smile.

The budget statement was to the admiration of the majority thus they shouted at the end of the statement “People matter Ghana first “whilst the minority remained calm on their seats but rubbished it afterwards.

Ms Ursula Owusu, New Patriotic Party (NPP) member for Ablekuma West carried placard with the inscription “ Ebi Empty Keke” told the Ghana News Agency that she did not have anything to say about the budget as everything was summarised in the placard which she only showed outside the chamber after the statement had been presented.

Mr Justice Joe Appiah, NPP member for Ablekuma North said the budget was not private sector driven and had no hope for Ghanaians.

He said in the history of budget statements this has been the worst budget and doubted government’s efforts to implement the private public participation, saying when Nana Akuffo Addo comes to power Ghanaians would appreciate the policies that he would pursue for the growth of the economy.

Mr Afenyo-Markin, Alexander Kwamina, NPP Member for Effutu said the budget statement had some contradiction in the Financial statement and that of the state of the nation’s address with regards to public sector finance.

He said the Minister should have stated clearly the direction government was taking on the issue of tax incentive and the avenues to be taken address other problems on social issues.

Mr Haruna Iddrissu, Minister for Trade and Industry and National Democratic Party Member for Tamale South said it was a heartwarming budget as the private sector would be given the opportunity to partner government and many social interventions would continue to be carried out.

He said government would look out for more private sector interventions to for the development of the country.

Mrs Comfort Doyoe Ghansah said the budget was full of substance because it aimed at addressing poverty, issues concerning school children and the agriculture sector initiatives.

She said it was a reflection that the government was thinking about the wellbeing of the people.

Source: GNA

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