Cocoa farmers urged to seek technical advice

cocoa-treeCocoa farmers in the country have been urged to concentrate on their farming activities to enable them to have money to support their children’s education.

Nana Obutu Frimpong III, Chief of Essaso in the Eastern Region, called on the farmers to always seek technical advice from extension officers to help increase production.

Nana Obutu III was speaking at a meeting with cocoa farmers at Essaso on Monday.

He stated that it was important that the problems that had bedeviled the mass cocoa spraying exercise were dealt with swiftly to ensure that the country’s projection for cocoa this year was not undermined.

The chief appealed to the government to release insecticides for the mass spraying exercise to farmers on time and also for them to have absolute control over the spraying process.

Nana Obutu also expressed concern about the inability of some cocoa farmers to have their farms sprayed, although they were infested with pests that destroyed cocoa beans.

Source: GNA

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